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Tutu Du Monde- Flutter Your Lashes Tutu Dress
$197.50 (inc GST)
In stock

Twirl your way through Everfree Forest with the Flutter Your Lashes Tutu Dress. This striking dress features an ornately hand beaded and embroidered bodice... More 

Tutu Du Monde- Rarity Shimmer Tutu Onesie
$147.50 (inc GST)
In stock

Featuring a fully hand beaded motif of Rarity in sparkling crystals, beads and metallic thread, Rarity could possibly be the most beautiful unicorn pony... More 

Tutu Du Monde- Wonderbolt Tutu Dress
$137.50 (inc GST)
In stock

This flirty dress features shimmering hand embroidered motifs in sequins, beads and metallic thread on the bodice, a short ballerina skirt in heavenly... More